Wine Tasting

Treleaven By King Ferry Winery is open for wine tasting from 11am to 7pm Tuesday through Sunday. With twenty different bottles of wine, we make many different styles of wine. From white to red, dry to sweet, oaked to stainless steel, we make something for everyone! We offer wine tasting of 6 wines for $4 – a dollar of which goes to The Central Food Bank of New York.

Our customers commonly inquire about the wine barrels located throughout our winery, so in envisioning our new wine-tasting room, we wanted to bring the barrel’s role in wine making to life. From the oak stave themed tasting bar where we serve full wine tasting and flights, to the room’s bottle racks made from retired wine barrels, the new tasting room showcases the barrel’s important role in the art of winemaking. The repurposed barrels you see throughout are the same barrels that helped make the wine that guests will sample.

Groups of 8 or more people are advised to please make reservations in advance. In addition, you may want to take part in our wine classes. Our lounge in King Ferry, NY was built in a way that it could serve as an art gallery for local artists in need of a good venue for exhibition. For booking a large group for wine tasting or for more details, please visit us today.