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As we at Treleaven celebrated our 30-year anniversary in 2014, we were excited to begin a new chapter of Treleaven Wines in the Village of Victor with the opening of our new location, Treleaven By King Ferry Winery. Creating artisan wine has been a part of our vision as a renowned winery of 30-plus years.

Ever since the first grape vines were planted, we have provided an environment that allows people to experience our 20 different vintages of traditional European, vinifera varietal wines—with crisp, refreshing, fruit-forward Rieslings and barrel-fermented, buttery Chardonnays being our two flagship varieties.

In addition to the tasting bar, there are areas for guests to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine – the patio is open during the summer, while throughout the chilly winter evenings, indoor seating offers the perfect venue to mingle with friends. We host fun and free live music night every Friday. Moreover, we have weekly events and wine classes. We have a rotating art gallery space for local artists to showcase their work. Along with our wines, Treleaven By King Ferry Winery in King Ferry, NY has a gift shop offering wine-themed gift ideas and local cheeses.

If you want to know more about our wines and special programs, visit us today.

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  • Premier Hosting Service and Event Venue
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